rattan effect garden furniture selection of nursing agent
TIME:2022-01-07 09:41:26 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    To maintain the original brightness of rattan effect garden furniture, there are two kinds of maintenance products, namely, wax spray and cleaning agent. The former is mainly for various wood, polyester, paint, fire-proof plywood and other materials of rattan patio furniture, and has jasmine and lemon two different fresh fragrance.

    rattan effect garden furniture

    cube rattan furniture The latter is suitable for all kinds of wood, glass, decomposition wood or American resistant board, etc. and especially for mixed materials. Therefore, if we can use the maintenance products with both cleaning and nursing effects, we can save many precious time.

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    Before using the spray wax and cleaning agent, shake it well first, then hold the spray tank straight, at a 45 degree angle, so that the liquid components in the tank can be released without losing pressure. Then spray the dry cloth at a distance of about 15 cm, so that you can wipe the rattan effect garden furniture again, and you can have a good cleaning and maintenance effect.

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    In addition, after the cloth is used, it is important to wash and dry. As for rattan effect garden furniture with fabric material, such as cloth sofa and leisure cushion, you can use cleaning and maintenance agent of clean carpet. When using, first use vacuum cleaner to remove dust, then spray carpet cleaner on a large number of wet cloth to wipe.

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