Collocation skills of rattan effect garden furniture in courtyard
TIME:2022-01-07 09:42:45 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

No matter large space layout or small detail decoration, the beauty of level is an important content of space collocation. With the unique design of rattan wicker furniture to your courtyard with a sense of hierarchy, will make the whole space more open, more atmosphere.

1. Simple color of rattan effect garden furniture

Rendering environment does not necessarily rely on color to attract people's attention, the courtyard itself is rich in color, too colorful stacking will cause visual clutter.

rattan effect garden furniture

On the contrary, simple color can optimize the space. A small number of green plants with rich texture of furniture, more relaxed and happy, there is a sense of simplicity.

2. Reasonable lighting of rattan effect garden furniture

Lighting technology is the magic "make-up technique" of the environment. By skillfully setting some lights in the vibrant courtyard, your courtyard will show a full mood and a romantic artistic atmosphere.

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3. Simple home matching of rattan effect garden furniture

Some courtyard area is not large, so when we choose, we try to choose some light and easy to move rattan metal chair, so that we won't occupy too much space.

E-catalogue 17-7_副本.jpg

For example, aluminum frame + cushion combination of outdoor small tables and chairs, cleaning and handling are very convenient, the emergence of these waterproof outdoor furniture, let more people enjoy the convenience and beauty of outdoor life.

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