Talk about the demand rattan effect garden furniture
TIME:2022-01-07 11:05:30 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    rattan effect garden furniture series mainly including rattan furniture, etc. gradually enter people's vision with the continuous development of the city. In developed countries, outdoor furniture industry has developed mature, people pursue leisure and comfortable lifestyle, making it a favorite in the market.

    The rattan chair set production enterprises in China mainly rely on the export order to survive. However, affected by the depression of international economy and the shrinking consumption, export oriented enterprises have been impacted to different degrees. Export marketing is no longer the road of rapid development of the industry.

    rattan effect garden furniture

    In this context, the domestic economy continues to grow steadily, and the living standard of residents has been rapidly improved. People are increasingly favor the quality of healthy and leisure life. This undoubtedly brings a good opportunity for the development of outdoor furniture industry. Many outdoor furniture enterprises which originally export have turned their eyes to the domestic market, and the domestic sales of rattan table chairs are unfolding accordingly. Domestic demand mainly comes from the following aspects:

    1The demand for rattan effect garden furniture is increasing gradually with the rise of leisure places, villas, houses, hotels, restaurants and bars in large and medium cities;

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    2The infiltration of western culture makes people's ideas change, and the pursuit of comfortable outdoor leisure time has become a popular way of life. The extension and abundance of holiday time lay the foundation for people's outdoor life, and outdoor furniture has become the necessity of outdoor life; 

    3With the improvement of people's living standard and the deepening of modern concept, more and more villa and compound are chosen. People enjoy the living space without limited indoor, but begin to create outdoor leisure life. rattan effect garden furniture naturally becomes an indispensable part of home.

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