What kind of is good for rattan effect garden furniture
TIME:2022-01-07 14:21:40 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    If you want to use hard and durable wood for decoration, you can choose mahogany, oak, Fraxinus mandshurica and other strong wood. Many people like mahogany, rattan effect garden furniture can keep value and durable. In fact, mahogany also has its own shortcomings, its material is hard, not easy to process, not easy to dry; but its nail holding force is strong, cementation, paint performance is good, especially suitable for decorating plate and making furniture.

    rattan effect garden furniture

    Oak wood is more suitable for making rattan effect garden furniture because of its hard texture, heavy ratio, high strength, dense structure, moisture resistance, wear resistance, not easy to cement and good coloring performance. Its disadvantages are rough texture, obvious ray and not easy to dry.

    rattan chair set for us is more common wood, its material is slightly hard, the main characteristics are clear and beautiful grain, corrosion resistance, water resistance, easy processing, toughness, good coloring performance, with good decorative performance. The price of is relatively cheap, the color is relatively yellow after brushing the oil, and the common use of in decoration a few years ago, so people always think it is not too vulgar when it is mentioned.

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    In fact, as long as careful processing, coarse grain fine, fully show the natural rattan furniture, can create elegant decoration effect. You can choose the bleaching process to fade the yellow and lighten the color of the ash; you can also do the cleaning and mixing process to dye the wood grain with black or white to create the modern feeling of the rattan effect garden furniture.

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