Garden with some outdoor garden table and chairs
TIME:2022-01-07 14:27:40 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

1. Products introduction of outdoor garden table and chairs

Using high quality PE environmental protection rattan, environmental protection durable, not easy to break, pure hand knitting, beautiful dense, flexible and elastic, with the texture of rattan, stronger than rattan performance, using the cylindrical support principle, make the roof connection more stable, the round shape also makes it more comfortable to sit up. Whether it's rainy season, hot summer, dry autumn, cold winter, it can be fresh and breathable. The unique configuration of saibailun fabric cushion, cushion has strong resilience doll cotton.

outdoor garden table and chairs

2. Suitable season for outdoor garden table and chairs

outdoor bistro chairs are more suitable for use in summer, you can feel the cool of iron, with classical European style, more choices in modeling, compared with more load-bearing, stable, corrosion-resistant and durable. outdoor table top in the factory after rust, rust, moisture-proof treatment, the surface is very smooth and beautiful.

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3.outdoor garden table and chairs details

European classical design, exquisite aluminum casting process, plus the details of fine carving, smooth surface without burr, strict paint baking process, good texture, no fading, corrosion resistance, high-strength fasteners are used for connection, tight and firm, in modeling, whether it is home furnishings or outdoor leisure are very able to integrate into the environment, there are a variety of styles to choose, modeling random collocation.

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