Suitable outdoor garden table and chairs
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After the beautiful courtyard is built, you must match some garden supplies to see if these can satisfy your desire? It is a pleasant time to enjoy the home life with a cup of tea and sit in the gentle courtyard of the breeze. So what kind of table and chair should be placed in the courtyard is the best choice? Nowadays, there are many kinds of materials for marble dining table. What kind of materials are you like? Is it really the best thing you like?

1. outdoor garden table and chairs

The rubber wood table and chair are essentially different from solid wood tables and chairs, which are recyclable materials and free from toxic substances. The cutting surface is smooth, the structure is uniform, the corrosion resistance is strong, the deformation is not deformed, the crack is not cracked, and the odor free characteristic is not. The defects of cracking, warping and color difference in the long-term use of solid wood are abandoned. Therefore, no special maintenance is required, only wipe with clean water.

outdoor garden table and chairs

2. Introduction to the outdoor garden table and chairs

The frame is aluminum alloy and the surface is rubber. 1.5mm thick day shaped aluminum can bear more than 150kg. It is equipped with the table top and seating surface of composite plastic wood, which makes the mosaic end table waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant and deformation free.

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3. Advantages of outdoor garden table and chairs

The table chair of imitation rattan makes up for the defects of anti-oxidation and moth like of rattan. It is cheap, the overall effect is the same as that of true rattan, and the plastic effect is very strong. It has more selectivity in style and texture than that of rattan, which meets the different people's ideas and needs, and can be put into the courtyard more. Pay attention to the quality of the products when purchasing, so as to avoid the old and old disconnection.

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