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TIME:2022-01-10 16:00:58 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

We travel through the big cities, one by one, and the towering buildings every day, and we are rushing for life. Even if you want to stop for a rest at some time, the relentless reinforced cement in all directions also exudes a depressing atmosphere. I think of childhood running on the grass and shuttling through the forest.

round garden table and chairs set

It is a time of freedom! The flourishing metropolis has hidden the garden green space, but we are more and more yearning for the life that can contact with nature. Therefore, more and more people began to use round garden table and chairs set to build their own small balcony in the city.

1. round garden table and chairs set space planning

First, we should make a reasonable space plan. outdoor table chair set placement can directly affect the spatial layout even if the balcony area is not large, outdoor seats can be placed as the outdoor living room area. If a small tea table or round glass table is equipped at this time, it is more suitable to provide a place for daily dining and catering.

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2. round garden table and chairs set selection

Secondly, we suggest that outdoor cafe table set is the best choice for the table and chair used, which not only facilitates our storage, but also facilitates our mobile placement, and obtains better leisure experience for the change of the number of users. Finally, we can also make good use of hanging plant decoration or parasol to make the environment more dynamic and fresh.

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