Maintenance tips of metal outdoor furniture
TIME:2022-01-12 09:24:21 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

More and more people join in the upsurge of round garden furniture purchase, so worry also arises at the historic moment, how to maintain?

1. metal outdoor furniture maintenance

First of all, do not use any acidic or alkaline detergent, bleached products can not be used. But should use the neutral detergent or uses the clear water to carry on the clean directly. Generally speaking, most people will store the furniture at home in winter, so we must clean and air dry the furniture before storage, and ensure that the furniture is dry before storage.

 metal outdoor furniture

If the furniture volume is too large to be stored at home, it should be left outdoors. When it is not used for a long time, it must be covered with large special covering cloth. It can not be used in areas with strong direct sunlight, heavily polluted areas and areas with more birds.

2. Types of metal outdoor furniture

There are many kinds of materials for garden room furniture. When cleaning and maintaining in summer, we must choose different cleaning and maintenance methods according to the materials.

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For example, glass tabletop should be cleaned with neutral soap or warm water, and wait for it to dry thoroughly. Metal furniture should avoid cleaning with a brush, so as not to damage the antirust coating on its surface. And woven products with many small gaps can be cleaned with a brush.

3. Learn to read metal outdoor furniture manual

Some in the purchase, often accompanied by instructions, which will detail the maintenance and use of the furniture, consumers should read it carefully, better, more targeted understanding of maintenance, so that longer service life.

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