wicker outdoor furniture design concept
TIME:2022-01-13 13:56:09 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Social culture is developing and information technology is advancing. To a certain extent, it will affect the change of the designer's design concept, make the designer's design concept more and more reflect the sociality, and focus on the user's own feelings of wicker outdoor furniture to the greatest extent.

     wicker outdoor furniture

    As a result, wicker outdoor furniture designers constantly integrate some human related emotions and value orientation in their design, and even develop targeted retro outdoor furniture for different social groups and institutions.

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    Among them, it is a kind of furniture that can express feelings. Designers use color change to create iron outdoor furniture emotion. For example, the use of green to create a fresh and natural environment, the use of red to create a warm and happy atmosphere. Not only color, but also material is a tool to express emotion. Logs give people natural tranquility, while metal materials give people classic feeling.

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    The designer's ingenious thinking is to give users different spiritual feelings, let people and objects form emotional collision, and then bring positive emotional impact to users, so that wicker outdoor furniture users can love furniture from the heart and regard them as a part of life.

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