wicker outdoor furniture makes you go outdoors
TIME:2022-01-13 13:57:50 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The drizzle outside the window makes the sky more blue; the sunshine after the rain becomes more warm and bright, shining on everything, refining the taste of life

    wicker outdoor furniture designers have been adhering to the design concept of harmony, trying to make the environment of human activities into a place where adults live in harmony with nature. And this "harmony" is not a simple coordination and balance, but has a more profound connotation.

    wicker outdoor furniture

    The harmonious coexistence between human and nature emphasizes sustainable development. Human activities can not affect the law of natural development. wicker outdoor furniture, as a medium of communication between human and nature, can make human and nature dialogue, and then coordinate the relationship between human and nature.

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    In ancient China, some literati often asked three or two friends to go to the forest, grassland and riverside to splash ink together, leaving works on outdoor wooden and stone tablets, which, to a certain exten.

     reflected the harmony between man and nature. And modern people also get inspiration from this vintage outdoor furniture design, such as traditional poetry, carving applied to modern outdoor furniture design.

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    When we face such wicker outdoor furniture, we should not only see the surface, but also see the connotation behind it and its original intention of pursuing harmony.

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