wicker outdoor furniture under Harmonious Design
TIME:2022-01-13 14:06:55 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    We extract lines of beauty from nature and make songs of happiness. Perhaps the essence of life is to be able to communicate harmoniously with nature.

    In the design of wicker outdoor furniture, it is inevitable to consider the harmonious design. The first thing to consider is the harmony between consumers.

    wicker outdoor furniture

    Consumers are all over different ages and occupations. Different types of consumers have different needs when using outdoor seats. Children need to sit higher and lower when using outdoor seats.

     while people with physical disabilities need special wicker outdoor furniture. Therefore, the design only considers the use characteristics and habits of these people, in order to produce products that meet the use needs.

    Secondly, we need to consider the harmony between outdoor dining furniture.

    E-catalogue 17-24_副本.jpg

    The collocation of seat and table, the collocation of cushion and seat. Even the matching of color and style. Collocation problems can also reflect the harmonious design of outdoor restaurant furniture.

    E-catalogue 17-29_副本.jpg

    Finally, we also need to consider the harmony of the environment, what kind of environmental characteristics the place has, the surrounding plants and so on. Only by integrating these factors can we achieve the goal of "harmony" of wicker outdoor furniture.

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