Maintenance tips of outdoor furniture sale rattan sofa
TIME:2022-01-17 14:58:19 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The weaving process of rattan sofa is mostly hand-made, with unpredictable patterns and colorful colors. In addition, the rattan itself is soft, flexible and easy to shape. Among the outdoor furniture sale, rattan sofa is the most abundant and popular one among young people.

    But many consumers who buy outdoor folding chairs know nothing about the maintenance of rattan sofa. Here are some tips to help you solve this problem.

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    First, rattan sofa to avoid direct sunlight. In fact, this is the common maintenance tips for most outdoor furniture sale. Although the furniture is placed outdoors, we should also avoid placing it directly in the position that will be exposed to the sun. UV and high temperature will affect it.

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    Secondly, due to the craft problems, there are many gaps between the rattan, so it is easy to hide dirt. So we can put cushions on the metal garden chairs or cover it with a dustproof cloth when not in use. And do the overall cleaning, using a soft brush or cotton cloth to wipe, can largely solve this problem.

    Finally, when we use the outdoor furniture sale, we can turn over the sofa cushion every once in a while. The purpose of doing so is to make it stress evenly, and to a certain extent, it can extend the service life of the sofa.

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