Color matching of outdoor furniture sale
TIME:2022-01-22 15:38:44 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

Color is the most intuitive feeling in our vision, red flowers, green leaves. The collision of colors can always bring endless imagination.

In collocation, color collocation is also very important. Because each person's value orientation is different, their favorite colors are also different. So, how to match colors to make them more harmonious and beautiful?

On this issue, Xiao Bian puts forward the following tips:

1. Different materials of outdoor furniture sale

In the case of the same material, you can match similar colors.

outdoor furniture sale

2. Color matching of outdoor seating furniture

In the process of color matching, in the case of keeping black and white, the types of colors should not exceed three. Because too much color can cause dazzle, the feeling of unbalanced focus.

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3. outdoor furniture sale with flower decoration

Outdoor furniture with flower decoration is very suitable for use in the pastoral style of home design.

4. Color taboo of outdoor furniture

When there is gold, it is not recommended to match yellow; when there is silver corner outdoor furniture, it is not recommended to match gray or white.

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5. outdoor furniture sale in courtyard

If you need to put it in your own courtyard, and the courtyard is connected with the interior, then the color matching should consider the color of the interior furniture, using similar colors will have a harmonious feeling.

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