Difference between spray painting outdoor furniture sale
TIME:2022-01-18 09:43:12 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    When we read the instruction manual of outdoor furniture sale, we often encounter professional terms such as spray painting process and powder spraying process.

    However, many consumers do not understand the difference between the two, and generalize them into the same process. Today, I will explain the difference between the two processes.

    outdoor furniture sale

    The material used in the painting process is paint. The painting gun is used to complete the operation. The outdoor furniture sale needs to be moved to a special paint room to complete these operations.

    In the process of painting,3 piece outdoor furniture it often causes the waste of paint, and some substances in the paint are harmful to human body. And often need to carry out secondary spraying, for human and material resources, will cause a certain degree of waste.

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    The powder spraying process is the use of electrostatic to spray buy garden furniture, using air compression powder, high voltage electrostatic generator and electrostatic powder gun to complete the whole implementation process.

    The main component of powder used for powder spraying is polyester resin, which is completely different from paint.

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     On the other hand, the powder used in dusting can be recycled 100%. When the powder is sprayed on outdoor furniture sale, the powder will solidify and the coating is very hard and not easy to scratch.

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