Tips for best outdoor furniture maintenance
TIME:2022-01-18 15:29:51 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

In our life, we will customize special outdoor cushions for vintage outdoor furniture to improve comfort, and even some manufacturers will match outdoor cushions for consumers.

Outdoor cushion also needs us to use the correct method to maintain to improve its service life, outdoor cushion is also part of outdoor patio furniture.

best outdoor furniture

For outdoor cushion maintenance, list some tips for you.

1. best outdoor furniture: surface turning on time

We turn the cushion over every interval. If the cushion is only one side up design, we can also change the position back and forth.

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2. best outdoor furniture is often cleaned

Use a special fabric cleaner to clean regularly to treat the surface dust. If there is no vacuum cleaner, then you can also use a soft brush to clean it.

3. best outdoor furniture shall be avoided from violence and extreme use

Many parents allow children to jump and jump on furniture when they are in use. This is not right, which is prone to deformation. In addition, when we use outdoor cushion, we can not only sit in the same position, we should use it evenly, so that it will not cause damage to a single part of it.

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