Sales of corner rattan furniture in China
TIME:2022-01-20 15:20:22 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Through the customer service of the first furniture network, the author learned that in recent months, most of the dealers consulted new Chinese style, and many European and American style, but few of them consulted. What is the reason for this? Is corner rattan furniture really not popular in China?

    Among the metal garden furniture, the sales volume of a basket swing chair and the most popular new Chinese style furniture are almost the same, and the monthly turnover is quite considerable, but the sales volume of is relatively poor.

    corner rattan furniture

    In my opinion, this is the difference caused by Chinese living habits and consumption concept. Chinese hospitality is generally at home, coupled with the restrictions of residential units, rarely need corner rattan furniture.

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    While demand drives supply, there will be no consumption without demand. Secondly, many Chinese people's consumption ideas and habits are greatly influenced by TV dramas. Many urban TV dramas have a hanging basket and swing chair at home.

    It can not only relax, but also improve the life style of the host. luxury outdoor furniture which can be put indoors and outdoors. Therefore, the author thinks that this is the reason why the swing chair is popular.

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    This shows that the consumption concept and habits are not immutable, many things will affect people's consumption concept. Thirdly, the neglect of dealers and stores is also the reason why corner rattan furniture is not developing rapidly in China.

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