Sales of corner rattan furniture
TIME:2022-01-20 15:21:38 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    In order to explore the real sales situation of corner rattan furniture, the author visited a home store in Nanjing. As soon as I entered the door, I saw the courtyard garden patio furniture store on the left.

    At that time, the author believed that today's good luck, a store to see today's goal. But when I will walk around the whole store, this idea has been removed from my heart.

    corner rattan furniture

    I saw the courtyard design on the second floor of the guide sign in the store, but I didn't find it after walking around the second floor. In order to find corner rattan furniture store in the store, the author will walk around the whole four floors, only the corner of the first floor entrance has a courtyard design shop.

    E-catalogue 18-15-1_副本.jpg

    And in the whole store, the author did not see discount garden furniture billboards and banner advertising. Just when the author was about to leave from another door, he found the outdoor area on the first floor of the lower floor, where there were swings.

    E-catalogue 18-15-2_副本.jpg

    Rest tables and chairs and so on, but it's obviously cold. Every floor has customers in the experience, looking for the goods they need, only the corner rattan furniture area on the first floor, only a few shopping guides sitting on it to rest.

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