white rattan furniture enhances durability
TIME:2022-01-21 15:14:51 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Due to the poor durability of white rattan furniture materials, it is easy to crack, so PE rattan products appear in recent years. PE rattan products belong to plastic simulation rattan outdoor furniture, not only the price is much cheaper than rattan, but also saves the maintenance trouble of 8 seater garden furniture.

    PE imitation rattan products are designed and upgraded. The products are made of PE rattan and aluminum alloy. The luxury outdoor furniture made of PE rattan not only has a modern sense, but also has a natural wind.

    white rattan furniture

    In addition, because modern people pursue a comfortable life, there are more and more soft fabrics in white rattan furniture. The softness of cloth is what people like.

     Therefore, even the wooden rattan frame now has to add soft fabrics to make people's outdoor life more comfortable.

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    Different from white rattan furniture has no special functional requirements, so it does not have to be equipped with tables, chairs and benches. The planning of outdoor space should be individualized according to their own needs.

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