white rattan furniture is more practical
TIME:2022-01-21 15:15:31 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    There are many kinds of materials used in round garden furniture, including iron art, solid wood, rattan art. Today's white rattan furniture also stresses health and environmental protection, in addition to the use of materials in line with environmental requirements, the material is also fully upgraded.

    Such as iron white rattan furniture, adding cast iron to make outdoor barbecue, cast iron material can make barbecue without smoke.

    white rattan furniture

    In outdoor products, iron products can be regarded as more solid and durable products. Its surface is basically treated by electroplating or oxidation, the material itself has strong mechanical properties, and is not easy to wear, so it is widely used.

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    But Tieyi has the disadvantage of easy to rust, so consumers need to know whether their products are antirust treated from the business when they choose.

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    The most close to nature is metal outdoor furniture. white rattan furniture because of its natural color, can be properly integrated with the courtyard, so more popular with consumers.

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