steel garden furniture has gradually private customization
TIME:2022-01-21 15:18:57 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    "Private customization" has become a fashion trend, steel garden furniture must catch up with this trend. Customization is also popular now.

     Today's brands can carry out overall design and Furniture Customization for your outdoor space according to the requirements of size proportion, orientation and efficiency.

    steel garden furniture

    Of course, outdoor dining furniture manufacturing. Many furniture brands, through professional garden designers, will provide consumers with suggestions on the style, size and texture of foldable garden furniture after considering the space size ratio, orientation position and use efficiency.

    For example, for a family of three, if you want to customize the ring seat and table, you should choose the size of 4-5 people, otherwise it is difficult for guests to chat on the terrace.

     For the outdoor space with long sunrise time, we should choose the steel garden furniture with good raw material quality and convenient maintenance, otherwise it will accelerate the aging speed of furniture.

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     In fact, material, technology and anti-corrosion treatment are problems that can not be ignored. Camphor pine is usually used as the base material, and the structure of antiseptic wood and surface carbonized wood is firm, with good bearing capacity and moderate price, but it is easy to deform and crack; After high temperature heat treatment.

     homogeneous carbonized wood reduces the moisture absorption of wood, has high stability, good corrosion resistance, and is not easy to deform and crack, but the bearing capacity is weakened, and the price is also on the high side.

    Experts suggest that according to their own situation to choose suitable materials, steel garden furniture is the pursuit of natural and original ecology, modeling is usually rough, primitive.

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    Therefore, the furniture shape, radian and corner of the production process has become the standard of its exquisite or not. If you want to have a "strong body" and "weather proof appearance", anti-corrosion and insect proof treatment must be in place.

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