Material characteristics of black rattan furniture
TIME:2022-01-22 15:36:01 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The development trend of outdoor leisure tables and chairs is diversified and rapid. Due to the appearance and popularity of rattan materials, many real estate buildings and landscape construction have adopted this new decorative material.

    black rattan furniture has been trusted by many customers due to its advantages of environmental protection, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and deformation.

    black rattan furniture

     In a word, the style and performance of rattan wicker furniture are more and more close to people's life, and more and more in line with the construction needs of Chinese urban gardens.

    The family members used for black rattan furniture mainly include bamboo rattan, white rattan, red rattan and palm rattan. Bamboo rattan is called agate rattan. It is also known as the "king of rattan".

     It is the most expensive first-class rattan, originated in Indonesia and Malaysia. Others include kudzu, wisteria, Spatholobus, etc. some are also used to produce rattan patio furniture, mainly for weaving. The scabbard cane is called black rattan furniture industry. It looks like bamboo and is solid.

    The surface of rattan is generally milky white, milky yellow or light red, and some rattan skin has speckles, commonly known as spotted rattan, which has natural decoration.

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     In the cross section of rattan, the proportion from outside to inside is different, the proportion of rattan bark is larger, and the proportion of rattan ruler is smaller.

    The rattan material with large specific gravity change is poor, and the rattan material with small specific gravity change is better.

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    Rattan is a spiny climbing plant of palm family growing in tropical forest. Rattan is beneficial to the natural environment and even the whole ecosystem during its growth. It can not only adapt to the degraded forest and poor soil.

    but also not disturb the original ecological structure and balance in the natural forest. It is very important for the recuperation and restoration of forest resources.

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