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1. set of 4 outdoor chairs Armchair

Armchairs are generally referred to as armchairs, except for armchairs and Jiaoyi. Its style and decoration are simple and complex. It is often combined with the tea table to form a set. Four chairs and two tables are placed on both sides of the hall, making a symmetrical display.

2. Rattan chair

All kinds of chairs are made of bamboo and rattan skin. Accordingly, there are rattan chair, rattan ring chair, rattan chair and other varieties.

set of 4 outdoor chairs

Rattan chair is both breathable and elastic, it is best to choose a chair with back, and put a footstool, so that the legs can be flat, to prevent lower limb ischemia.

3.set of 4 outdoor chairs Reclining chair

Reclining chair is one of the furniture with new style and function in Qing Dynasty. At the end of feudal society in China, crafts and skills were constantly improved, people paid more and more attention to the quality of life, and the classification of living utensils was more and more detailed. Accordingly, some new varieties such as reclining chair were produced.


There are many other names for metal outside chairs, such as "bedtime chair", "warm chair", "carefree chair" and "spring chair", which are different appellations for a certain style of reclining chair. Modern reclining chair materials can be: mahogany, bamboo, rattan, aluminum alloy, etc.

4. set of 4 outdoor chairs Folding chair

For many centuries, outside folding chairs has been considered as one of the most important furniture and a symbol of social status. In ancient civilization, folding chairs were not only used for people to sit, but also for various formal occasions and ceremonies.


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