The origin of set of 4 outdoor chairs
TIME:2022-02-18 14:38:29 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    set of 4 outdoor chairs is an outdoor product for passers-by to rest. It is mostly used in parks, residential areas, large amusement parks, shopping malls and public places. With the development of the times, iron table and chairs have entered most small and medium-sized cities.

     Become a beautiful scenery of the city. It brings convenience to people and makes the environment more harmonious. Most of the park chairs are composed of chair bars and chair legs.

    set of 4 outdoor chairs

    It can be traced back to the HUTANG which was introduced into the North during the Han and Wei dynasties. The mural of cave 285 in Dunhuang shows two people sitting on set of 4 outdoor chairs.

     In the frescoes of cave 257, there are women sitting on square benches and cross legged benches; There is a woman sitting on a round stool in the stone carving of Longmen lotus cave.


    These images vividly represent the use of old wrought iron chairs in the families of officials and nobles in the northern and Southern Dynasties.

    Although the seats at that time had the shape of chairs and stools, people used to call them "Hu bed" because there were no chairs and stools at that time. In temples, they were often used for meditation, so they were also called "Chan bed".


    After the Tang Dynasty, the use of chairs gradually increased, and the name of set of 4 outdoor chairs was also widely used, which was separated from the category of bed. Therefore, when we talk about the origin of chairs and stools, we must start from the Hu bed in the Han and Wei dynasties.

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