Ingenious collocation of wicker and rattan furniture
TIME:2022-02-18 14:39:55 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The tent leisure sofa made of rattan is moved into the interior, with wicker and rattan furniture to create an indoor courtyard effect. The garden relaxer chairs made of rattan is moved into the interior, with white tables and sky blue leisure chairs to create an indoor courtyard effect.

    wicker and rattan furniture

    The wicker and rattan furniture is the key to create space. The contrast between the rattan chair and the wall color creates visual impact and deepens the three-dimensional sense of space.


    If the space is not big, you might as well choose outdoor cafe furniture, tea table and green plants, which can also create a leisurely interior space.


    The laminated wicker and rattan furniture is designed according to the spine skeleton, and the wooden strips are superimposed on the formed frame to form a curved surface. White blanket can be spread to reduce the stiff touch and eliminate the tiredness brought by daily life.

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