Maintenance methods of iron patio chairs
TIME:2022-02-18 14:42:01 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    iron patio chairs also needs careful maintenance, so what is the maintenance method? Now let's take a look at it first!

    iron patio chairs

    As long as the wrought iron patio chairs is placed outdoors, there are two general maintenance principles: the first is to try to avoid the wind and sun, the second is to avoid man-made damage to the maintenance layer of the furniture surface.

    Separately, the surface of iron patio chairs is basically treated by electroplating or oxidation. The mechanical properties of the material itself are relatively strong, and it is not easy to wear, so it is widely used.


    When selecting, it should be noted that the antirust treatment must be in place, and the protective oxide layer on the surface of outdoor bar chairs is very easy to wear. When using, we should try to avoid bumping on the surface of furniture.

     iron patio chairs surface will go through wax treatment or paint treatment, anti-corrosion treatment, in order to avoid human damage at the same time, do not use strong acid and alkali when scrubbing, so as not to damage the paint film.


    As for Rattan Ware, the durability of material is the worst, so we should make full use of its lightweight advantages, and try to put it away when not in use, otherwise the service life is very short.

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