How to choose wrought iron lounge chairs
TIME:2022-02-18 14:43:54 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Whether it's enjoying afternoon sunshine and tea with family or friends, or holding barbecue parties or small parties, wrought iron lounge chairs has become an indispensable key.

    In the choice of outdoor furniture, but quite particular, in addition to considering the appearance and comfort, a variety of weather changes are also important factors to consider when choosing furniture materials.

    wrought iron lounge chairs

    Before choosing wrought iron lounge chairs, first understand the environment where the furniture is placed. Is there a sunshade in your outdoor activity area? Is the furniture on soft lawn or hard ground?

     If the garden relaxer chairs with cork frame is not recommended on the lawn, the cork will absorb moisture, and then the frame will be damaged, so plastic and steel frames should be selected as substitutes as far as possible.


    If there is direct sunlight, it is best to match with an umbrella to protect the furniture and human skin from direct sunlight.

    In the selection of materials, wrought iron lounge chairs is the most solid. Its surface is basically treated by electroplating or oxidation, the material itself has strong mechanical properties, and is not easy to wear, so it is widely used.


    But ironwork is easy to rust. What should be paid attention to when selecting is that the antirust treatment must be in place, and the oxide layer on the surface of garden table chairs plays a protective role is very easy to wear, so we should try to avoid bumping on the surface of furniture when using.

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