The steps of customizing small outdoor furniture
TIME:2022-02-18 14:54:49 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

More and more people choose to buy specially customized rattan tables and chairs. Outdoor furniture produced on the assembly line may not be able to completely meet individual needs, so choosing customization is a very popular way at present.

Especially for young consumers, they need to show their personality and customize their own unique outdoor furniture.

So today I'd like to talk about the process of customizing rattan seats.

unique outdoor furniture

1To determine their small outdoor furniture decoration style.

No matter what you like is American idyllic style, or traditional Chinese style, or you want a simple and atmospheric style, or you want a fresh and romantic atmosphere, you should determine it at the beginning. After determining the style, you can determine the main color.

2Budget for small outdoor furniture.

Budget determines the level of materials purchased and the scale of outdoor furniture.

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3To determine the brand to buy outdoor furniture

We can consult some materials to understand the brands of some quality outdoor furniture. If necessary, we can also carry out field investigation, which helps us to select excellent brands for customized services.

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4small outdoor furniture is the need to communicate

List out our needs, designers will carry out preliminary design, and continue to communicate with consumers until consumers are satisfied.

5It's after the preliminary drawings have been made

There are special staff to measure the size in order to modify the drawing.Finally, we just need to wait for you to complete the production, and then we will send them to your home for installation.

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