On the color spraying of 8 seater garden furniture surface
TIME:2022-02-18 15:11:17 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The process used in 8 seater garden furniture from design and production, raw materials collection to final product presentation is quite complex. Due to the use environment, the surface of discount garden furniture is often needed to be treated so as to adapt to the harsh environment. The common surface treatment methods are color spraying, which can not only make the surface have bright color, but also improve the anti-corrosion or waterproof ability.

    8 seater garden furniture

    The color spraying of round outdoor furniture can be simply understood as color painting and painting operation. Then the key to this operation is to choose color, what color can make the whole look harmonious and coordinated? Can you increase the aesthetic feeling of outdoor furniture?

    For example, 8 seater garden furniture tends to keep the original color of wood, and then it will choose transparent color to color the wooden furniture, so that it presents its original natural appearance.

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    In some metal furniture, because it will be matched with other cloth materials, such as cushion, cushion, etc., it is possible to color with the matching color of cushion and cushion.

    In the actual production process, the color of the material depends on the color of the material itself, and the color close to the material itself is usually selected for spraying. Generally speaking, we should avoid choosing a color which is more different from the original color of the material, because it may not only not cover the original color well, but also reduce the appearance value of 8 seater garden furniture.

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