6 seater garden furniture round rattan sofa
TIME:2022-02-18 16:08:30 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Holiday is coming Stay at home? outdoor sport? What is to be done? However, whether you are at home or outdoors, you should have a set of 6 seater garden furniture.

    Leisure, comfortable and simple, meet only belong to your own beautiful, belongs to your outside garden furniture.

    6 seater garden furniture

    Simple design does not mix too many colors, let the floating mood become quiet and indifferent.

    Look at the clouds, listen to the wind direction, move the sofa outdoors, and feel the breath of nature.

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    Advantages: comfortable, breathable, waterproof, sun proof, wear-resistant, healthy and environmental protection, unique product design, exquisite and 6 seater garden furniture, green environmental protection, non-toxic, non irritating smell, stable and reliable.

    iron garden furniture with comfortable feeling and soft cushion; Waterproof, sun proof and mildew proof fabric, stable and reliable structure design.

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    High elastic sponge cushion, high density sponge cushion, temperature control and constant temperature, keep comfortable, durable, no collapse, no deformation, preferred 6 seater garden furniture.

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