tables and chairs of 6 seater garden furniture
TIME:2022-02-18 16:12:13 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Is it usually used as 6 seater garden furniture? Today I'd like to give you a brief introduction.

    6 seater garden furniture

    The manufacturing material of outdoor chairs loungers is wood-based panel, which can be disassembled and assembled with panel as the basic structure. The wood-based panels used in panel furniture on the market usually include Hexiang board, plywood, blockboard, particleboard, MDF, etc.

    At present, the panel furniture on the market is more and more exquisite and expensive. The assembly of 6 seater garden furniture is usually connected by various metal hardware, which is convenient for transportation.

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    And when the temperature difference is large, the deformation of wood-based panel is much better than that of solid wood, and the quality is more stable than that of solid wood furniture. This allows consumers to buy, especially love.

    And because it does not have waterproof and sunscreen effect, so it is usually used as comfy outdoor chairs, outdoor furniture is generally not considered, because it is not practical.

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    If you want to choose6 seater garden furniture that can maintain a long life outside, you should also consider rattan or plastic and other materials.

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