A few tips to help you clean your outdoor furniture ireland
TIME:2022-02-19 16:16:57 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    outdoor furniture ireland has been placed outdoors for a long time. In the face of the changeable temperature, humidity and other harsh conditions in the outdoor environment, cleaning has become a big problem. Some people are deterred from buying. Xiaobian here to teach you a few tips to help you easily solve!

    outdoor furniture ireland

    iron table and chairs should be placed on flat and clean ground. To solve the problem of cleaning, we should first know the source of the problem. At the beginning, we should try to choose a cleaner area to avoid the furniture being polluted by outdoor mud, dust and so on. In addition, the fabric pillow, cushion, etc. are easy to get dirty, when not in use can be taken indoors to avoid getting dirty.

    Always wear gloves when cleaning. Use nylon gloves or rubber gloves to protect your hands when cleaning black iron patio chairs. Most of them are made of relatively strong materials. A pair of gloves can effectively protect hands from injury during cleaning.

    At the same time, you can use the water pipe for cleaning. When you need to pay attention, you should control the water flow. It is not convenient to use the high pressure water column for flushing, which may cause damage to the furniture.

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    Choose mild cleaning products. When cleaning outdoor furniture ireland, we should use mild environmental protection, no side effects, no corrosive cleaning products.

    Targeted cleaning, distinguish cleaning tools. Don't use a brush to the end. There are many materials for outdoor furniture. Brushes are only suitable for cleaning furniture made of hard and wear-resistant materials, such as wooden furniture and iron furniture.

    In the face of some cloth products, such as sunshades, back pillows and other soft materials, sponge cushions should be replaced to clean them.

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     Repeated cleaning of stubborn stains. When the furniture and stubborn stains, do not use a large dose of detergent or corrosive detergent, please use clean water for many times.

    Air dry naturally. Air dry the cleaned outdoor furniture ireland naturally, or wipe out the moisture on the surface with a soft and dry towel, and then air dry it naturally.

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