Plastic wood Park chair for outdoor furniture ireland
TIME:2022-02-19 16:17:54 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    outdoor furniture ireland is initially used in public places, we often see the leisure outdoor seats in some public leisure areas, which is a typical representative of outdoor furniture ireland. The plastic wood Park chair mentioned in the title refers to the park chair made of metal outdoor furniture.

    Plastic wood refers to wood plastic composite material, which is a kind of composite material rising in recent years. It is the use of a large number of wood flour, straw and other natural fibers mixed with polyethylene, polypropylene and other chemical substances to produce wood materials.

    outdoor furniture ireland

    It has strong physical properties of compression and bending resistance, and its hardness is much higher than that of log material. It is a kind of high quality raw material in outdoor furniture ireland.

    Plastic wood Park chair is a common unique outdoor furniture made of plastic wood. It has good stability and can withstand the test of outdoor environment.

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    In the production process, the processing performance is very good, whether it is material fixation, connection, cutting can be easily completed. Its characteristics also determine that it is not easy to wear in the process of use, very durable.

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    Although plastic wood material is a kind of plastic composite material, it is non-toxic and harmless to human body in daily use. It is a kind of high-quality material born through human wisdom.

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