Tips on white rattan garden furniture learn to maintain rattan seats
TIME:2022-02-19 16:18:14 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

I believe that we are familiar with rattan seats. As the most familiar type of furniture in white rattan garden furniture, it is widely used in all details of our lives. It is highly praised in the market for its light, beautiful and comfortable feeling.

Today, we introduce some practical tips to teach you to maintain rattan wicker chair.

white rattan garden furniture

1.Keep away from fire source and avoid direct sunlight

When placing rattan wicker furniture, it is necessary to choose a position away from the fire source and not be exposed to direct sunlight. Too high temperature will cause seat cracking, color loss, etc. Not only for rattan seats, all white rattan garden furniture should be put in the place to pay attention to this.

2.Use vacuum cleaner, soft cotton

When cleaning the surface stains, you can first use a small vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the surface, which is convenient for subsequent cleaning, or wipe with soft cotton cloth. If the gap between the cane cannot be cleaned in place, the details can be cleaned with cotton swabs.

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3.Simple and practical light salt water

When there is no professional cleaner in the home, it can use light salt water as a cleaner, not only can remove stains, but also play an anti moth role.

4. Renovation techniques

If the surface of the cane is worn or other external damage is received, it can be polished with sandpaper until smooth. If a special layer of light oil is applied, the cane chair can be restored to luster. It is important to note that this only applies to the original color seats. If it is a seat in other colors, it can be processed by white rattan garden furniture after-sales service department.

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