white rattan garden furniture rattan seats
TIME:2022-02-19 16:18:59 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    One of the oldest types of white rattan garden furniture. Rattan chair is a kind of outdoor furniture that condenses the wisdom of ancestors. At first, it is a handicraft that is hand woven with the skin and core of plants. It has gradually developed into the application of rattan patio furniture and become a popular rattan chair.

    white rattan garden furniture

    Rattan furniture has a myriad of ways of weaving, dexterous craftsmen weaving a beautiful dream, creating a rich ornamental white rattan garden furniture.

    The number of rattan seats using real rattan on the market is small. Because the real rattan is different in length, color and appearance, the amount of rattan used in the production process is large, so the production cost is high, and it does not have an advantage in some physical characteristics.

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     For example, in the moisture-proof performance, it can not meet the needs of outdoor furniture. Therefore, most of the common rattan seats are made of imitation rattan, which not only has strong flexibility, but also can effectively prevent fracture and cracking, with uniform color and length and easy processing.

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    Rattan seats are various in style, light and easy to move, and have unique advantages in many outdoor performances. luxury rattan furniture designers often use rattan to combine with other materials to make white rattan garden furniture with fashion and practicality.

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