What are the materials of 3 piece outdoor furniture
TIME:2022-02-23 09:44:03 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

Furniture is an indispensable kind of auxiliary facilities in our daily life. Because of their existence, our life is more convenient and harmonious. As the name suggests, it refers to a kind of furniture put outdoors for everyone to use. The furniture is similar, not only in variety, but also in material.

With the existence of luxury outdoor furniture, the outdoor space appears more complete and harmonious. So what are the main materials of outdoor furniture? There are four main types:

1. What are the materials of 3 piece outdoor furniture

 Wood is currently used to make wood materials. The wood with higher oil content includes fir, pine, teak, etc., and they are all antiseptic. In addition, need to use wood oil or paint maintenance.

3 piece outdoor furniture

2. What kind of materials does 3 piece outdoor furniture contain

Plastic plastic outdoor furniture has strong weatherability, is not easy to corrode, does not discolor, resist aging, moth eaten, and has strong environmental protection.

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3. What are the materials of outdoor furniture?

 Bamboo and rattan have beautiful appearance, but they are usually expensive and difficult to take care of, easy to accumulate dust and mildew. Therefore, we must choose the bamboo and rattan with good quality and special treatment.

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4. What materials do 3 piece outdoor furniture have

 Compared with wood, metal materials are more durable, and the quality of alloy materials after waterproof treatment is better, but we must pay attention to prevent it from being impacted.

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