The moisture-proof treatment of stone outdoor table
TIME:2022-02-24 16:09:21 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    I believe that all the little friends in the South have a deep understanding of "nanfengtian". Clothes that can't be dried, floors and walls that are always wet, become sticky when they go out. Do you tremble just by imagination?

    This kind of weather also suffers for stone outdoor table. The damage caused by disobedient steam to outdoor furniture makes people at a loss.

    stone outdoor table

    The use of different types of raw materials are also very different, and the performance of different materials affected by moisture is also different.

    The fabric cushion will grow black mildew when it is damp, the surface will fade and yellow, the leather furniture will be aging and deformation when it is damp, and the metal garden furniture will break. Therefore, the stone outdoor table needs targeted treatment.

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    stone outdoor table with leather wrapped parts, we need to apply protective oil after daily cleaning, such as sheep oil, leather oil, etc.

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     to play the role of mildew and moisture-proof; For metals, clean them with mild detergent and try to avoid using them in humid environment. In humid weather, dry the surface with dry cloth.

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