Humanized design of comfortable outdoor chairs
TIME:2022-02-25 09:37:51 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The humanization of comfortable outdoor chairs design has a very outstanding performance in the maintenance of outdoor cast aluminum tables and chairs.

    In the maintenance of retro outdoor furniture, it is far from enough to rely on consumers' attention in daily use, and we can not ensure that every consumer has professional knowledge of outdoor furniture maintenance. Then, designers should let products have the ability of self maintenance when designing.

    comfortable outdoor chair

    In the production of comfortable outdoor chairs, the product surface will be sprayed with a special layer of paint, in order to prevent it from oxidation and rust in the air, which not only forms a protective layer on the surface, but also has the effect of beautification.

    This kind of operation is the way of "self maintenance" of outdoor furniture, which enables outdoor furniture to spontaneously resist external damage in the process of use.

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    So if we find that the surface of our outdoor cast aluminum tables and chairs has dropped paint and scratches, we should timely practice the after-sales service of comfortable outdoor chairs and carry out the operation of repainting.

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    Xiao Bian also reminds us that when we are not suitable for cast aluminum tables and chairs for a long time, we should keep them in a dry and ventilated place, and we should not place heavy objects or articles with strong chemical properties on their surfaces, which will cause irreparable damage.

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