How to choose the size of black rattan garden furniture
TIME:2022-02-25 09:40:08 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

More and more people join in the purchase of . So, when purchasing , many people will consider: what size of outdoor furniture do I need?

 How to choose the appropriate size of rattan garden furniture to make it commensurate with the size of the space?

In fact, you only need to consider three points - sitting height, sitting width and sitting depth.

black rattan garden furniture

(1) black rattan garden furniture Sitting height

sitting height refers to the vertical distance between the sitting surface and the ground.

Generally speaking, when the sitting height is slightly less than the leg length of the user, it is the best state for the user to use the seat. The state has also set a standard for sitting height, which requires that the sitting height of chairs should be 40 ~ 44cm.

The sitting height of is generally 36 ~ 38cm. If the cushion is used, the height after the cushion is put on shall prevail.

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(2) black rattan garden furniture Sitting width

the front edge width of the seat becomes the front sitting width

On the contrary, the width of the back edge is recoil width. Generally speaking, the recoil width greater than or equal to 43cm is more appropriate. If it is a seat with armrest, the width of armrest should be more than 46cm.

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(3) black rattan garden furniture Sitting depth:

refers to the distance between the front and back edges of the chair

For outdoor furniture, the sitting depth should not be less than 46 cm.

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