Villa outside table and chairs style collocation
TIME:2022-02-26 14:20:38 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

What style do outside table and chairs apply to villa? Today, I will take you to read it simply, so you can no longer worry about choosing style!

1. Japanese style fresh style

Japanese style is a villa balcony style that most young people like. This style will be more close to life, close to nature balcony, is a very classic design ideas. This style of balcony not only drying convenient, but also economic and practical.

outside table and chairs

In order to match the balcony of this style, we need to choose garden patio furniture with good waterproof property to adapt to the situation that clothes are often needed to be dried. At the same time, in the outside table and chairs color selection, in addition to the classic black and white gray which never step on thunder, you can also choose the color with low saturation to match the whole.

E-catalogue 17-8-1_副本.jpg

2. Yuanqi garden style

This style of villa balcony will be decorated with many green plants or flowers, creating a vibrant scene. So it requires that the color of outdoor furniture matching with it needs to be more bright to highlight in a group of green plants.

E-catalogue 17-8-2_副本.jpg

On the other hand, the care of plants requires water, so outdoor furniture should also choose waterproof materials. You can also choose some outside table and chairs with industrial style, such as aluminum furniture, to create aesthetic feeling by contrast.

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