How to protect folding garden furniture in rainy days
TIME:2022-02-26 14:22:37 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

Terrace is the most comfortable place in a villa, it can transform different styles of design, with different taste of style. If you had a garden, what would your folding garden furniture day be like?

In the morning, the old man took a kettle and fiddled with the flowers and plants leisurely; In the afternoon, my parents picked up tea cups and talked about interesting things freely.

folding garden furniture

 In the evening, the children who come home from school happily amuse the cats and dogs; In the hospital, flowers are in full bloom; Outside the hospital, folding garden furniture is safe. A period of time, let people feel comfortable extraordinary!

In my own home, although outdoor furniture can't appreciate the endless spring, it can also "flower gradually like charming eyes".

No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, or whether you are happy or upset, in this small terrace, you can watch the flowers bloom and fall, watch the winter go and spring come, and feel the precious nature and life.

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1. Many friends like to lay wooden floor on the terrace

This seems more artistic conception, but the wood floor material can not withstand the rain soaking, that can be in the wood after laying a layer of waterproof materials, or use waterproof board at the beginning, also can directly choose anticorrosive wood, anticorrosive wood service life is relatively long.

2.Large folding garden furniture can be used

Sunshade whether it's sunny or rainy can bring you a lot of help, but sunshade must pay attention to fixed, so as not to be blown away in strong wind.

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3.Tables and chairs in the garden

The tables and chairs placed in the garden need to withstand long-term wind, rain and sun, so it is very important to buy a durable outdoor furniture. The rattan material is very good, with good crack resistance, strong durability and beautiful appearance. It is an ideal garden table and chair. In addition, the seat with storage function can let the soft cushion directly put into it to avoid carrying.

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