Packaging methods of ceramic outdoor side table
TIME:2022-02-28 15:12:38 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    When we usually send parcels to our friends by express delivery, we will carry out a simple packaging and then send them by post. But it's all based on the fact that the volume of goods is small. If the volume of goods is large, like outdoor furniture, how should we package them?

    The first packaging method of ceramic outdoor side table is to use paper for packaging. In most cases, it is used to package rattan furniture. It's wrapped in a huge amount of paper. But the disadvantage of this method is that the thickness of the paper is too light, there is no way to really keep the product intact in the process of transportation.

    ceramic outdoor side table

    Later people came up with the idea of packing in cartons. Put them in custom cartons and deliver them. This method really solves the collision problem of products in the process of transportation to a certain extent.

    But with the huge volume of ceramic outdoor side table, cartons need to be customized, the cost is relatively high, and the shape of each piece is different, it is impossible to achieve a specification of cartons, suitable for all outdoor furniture.

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    Therefore, people combine the advantages of paper with the advantages of carton, and use a material called pearl foam cotton for outdoor furniture packaging. It has the softness, flexiability and deformability of paper, and also has the characteristics of carton beauty and good protection of outdoor furniture.

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    Workers use pearl foam cotton to wrap up, to a certain extent, to prevent the force majeure damage caused by transportation. But pearl foam cotton also has its shortcomings. It is resistant to bumping and scratches easily. Therefore, the packaging of ceramic outdoor side table is still in constant exploration.

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