What materials do ceramic outdoor side table use
TIME:2022-02-28 15:14:34 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    PE rattan is commonly used in rattan furniture. Mado furniture cracking and deformation, raw materials are scarce, so outdoor PE should be chosen to be smooth and delicate, clean and smooth with high strength, flexibility, strong permeability, anti-aging, UV resistance, moisture and heat resistance, and mould resistance. It is not easy to dry crack and deformation, and is not easy to fade.

    ceramic outdoor side table

    Behind the ceramic outdoor side table, material is divided into sand casting and die casting two processes. Sand casting has rough surface, low strength and hardness. Die casting products have high dimensional accuracy, no porosity defects, smooth and fine surface, and the strength is 25 ~ 30% of sand mold aluminum.

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    So consumption In outdoor use of furniture, the best choice of ceramic outdoor side table, generally used in outdoor dining tables or garden leisure tables and chairs.

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    Then is the aluminum alloy furniture, the general frame is aluminum alloy, after baking paint and waterproof treatment, this material can bear the most, outdoor wind and rain. The application of ceramic outdoor side table is mostly dining table and chair.

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