modern outdoor chairs maintenance rattan furniture
TIME:2022-03-01 13:42:33 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Rattan furniture color natural, give a warm home, relaxed feeling, more suitable for display in the courtyard.

    Outdoor furniture is treated with special anti-corrosion, rain proof and sun protection. In the process of use should try to avoid direct sunlight and rain, so as not to cause modern outdoor chairs surface discoloration or cracking deformation.

    modern outdoor chairs

    If it is not used for a long time, it can also be covered with plastic cloth, which can not only prevent dust, but also avoid the damage caused by the weather. It is recommended to polish and clean the paint film on the surface of furniture regularly.

    Renovation treatment is generally 3 ~ 6 months maintenance, the use of special modern outdoor chairs protective oil. Scrub and smear in the specified way.

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    Rattan tables and chairs or reclining chairs are light and easy to move. Clean water and detergent can be used when cleaning such tables and chairs.

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    Usually use a cloth to wipe the dust gently. When using modern outdoor chairs, we should pay attention not to expose the braided mouth of rattan, otherwise it is easy to bend and deform.

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