Moisture proof importance of modern outdoor chairs
TIME:2022-03-01 13:43:11 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    modern outdoor chairs, which has been used outdoors for a long time, needs to go through a completely different outdoor test from indoor furniture. Whether it's strong sunlight or strong rain, even if outdoor furniture designers foresee these tests in advance, they can't avoid the damage caused by them.

    modern outdoor chairs

    Humidity is a serious problem for outdoor furniture, and its consequences will affect the performance and service life of modern outdoor chairs.

    Under normal circumstances, we will give outdoor sofa with fabric cushion, when the fabric material is damp, the surface will appear black mildew, and even discoloration, decolorization, affect the beauty.

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     When some rattan furniture is affected with damp, it often appears the phenomenon of deformation, cracking and rattan breaking, which will lead to the failure to continue to use. And for some outdoor furniture with leather wrapped on the surface, once affected by damp, the leather of furniture will be aging.

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    The performance of different materials affected by moisture is different, but it will have a negative impact on modern outdoor chairs. Therefore, we should often observe in the process of using, especially when there is a lot of rain and the air humidity is high. Once there are signs of moisture, take measures.

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