New fashion of small patio table with umbrella hole
TIME:2022-03-01 13:45:22 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    small patio table with umbrella hole for consumers is not a strange field, outdoor furniture has been "flying into ordinary people's home", become a furniture category that every consumer who has the need to buy furniture will consider.

    small patio table with umbrella hole

    In the face of today's more and more lively market, we can find from the major sales markets that this year, small patio table with umbrella hole with Southeast Asian style is very popular, and the tropical style full of joy has attracted much attention.

    In addition, we also found a lot of new materials jumping out of the traditional materials in the stores.

    E-catalogue 17-22_副本.jpg

     In order to better adapt to the outdoor environment, the main materials of outside coffee table are usually damp heat resistant plastics and rattan like materials. And the solid wood with high price and relatively high cost performance has gradually become an upsurge.

    E-catalogue 17-22-1_副本.jpg

    We interviewed the relevant small patio table with umbrella hole industry, has become a shopping trend, and designers also skillfully use aesthetics to combine different materials, trying to present a perfect innovation, for consumers to have more choices.

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