Materials for outdoor dining table with umbrella hole in cities
TIME:2022-03-02 15:18:21 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

Public art design is to create space modeling by combining various design languages with corresponding materials. Therefore, the reasonable use of materials is an indispensable aspect of urban outdoor dining table with umbrella hole design.

The development of material technology creates many new materials, which provides more choices for designers in material design.

outdoor dining table with umbrella hole

In the design of products, designers need to grasp the characteristics of different materials reasonably, so that the products can be perfectly displayed in visual and functional.

1.outdoor dining table with umbrella hole Classification of materials

There are many kinds of materials bottles for outdoor furniture in cities, and the properties of each material are different, and there are many classification methods. According to the properties of materials, outdoor furniture design often uses materials such as:

Metal: including aluminum alloy, iron, cast steel, metal, etc;

E-catalogue 17-10_副本.jpg

Stone: ceramics, marble, etc;

Besides, there are many common materials, such as plastic, glass and paint, which play an important role in the furniture production.

 Of course, with the development of science and technology, many new materials for energy conservation and environmental protection are also coming out.

2.Texture of material outdoor dining table with umbrella hole

The texture of materials is a kind of intuitive impression produced by a series of senses such as human touch and vision. Different materials can bring different feelings to people. The general summary is as follows:

E-catalogue 17-10-1_副本.jpg

Stone: the stone of round outside table is characterized by hard but not easy to corrode. Interestingly, we can define different stones with different expressions. Stone generally gives people the feeling of heavy, calm, so they can usually play the role of baking other materials.

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