outdoor table with umbrella hole also needs careful care
TIME:2022-03-02 15:19:34 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    outdoor table with umbrella hole has been concerned, but also gained a lot of people's love. When you buy a imitation rattan furniture, in addition to daily use, to avoid some destructive operation, careful maintenance is also very important.

    The service life of outdoor table with umbrella hole not only depends on the materials of outdoor furniture itself, in the process of use, if you can get proper care is also an effective way to prolong the service life.

    outdoor table with umbrella hole

    When we wipe the imitation rattan, we can use a small vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on the surface, or use a soft brush to clean the gap between the rattan.

    After cleaning the dust, wipe it with a wet rag, and then dry it with a dry towel. If you want to clean with water, you can use light salt water, because light salt water can protect the vines and keep them flexible.

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    With the change of seasons, air humidity is an uncontrollable factor. When the wet season comes, we should make outdoor table with umbrella hole in a ventilated environment to avoid the breeding of bacteria.

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    Because of its special material, we need to pay attention to its load balance in daily use. It should not be stressed at a certain point all the time, which will destroy its shape and make it deform. This is also the focus we need to pay attention to.

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