outdoor side table with umbrella hole in landscape architecture
TIME:2022-03-02 15:52:18 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

1. outdoor side table with umbrella hole organic combination

The style of outdoor furniture should be consistent with the landscape. Outdoor furniture cannot be placed and piled up at will. Can not be placed in order to board room, but also a part of landscape art.

outdoor side table with umbrella hole

2.outdoor side table with umbrella hole should be artistic and beautiful

Outdoor furniture is a part of the landscape. The modeling and selection of materials should be integrated with the surrounding environment.

At the same time, the aesthetic feeling of iron bistro table and chairs should have certain visual impact and attraction, so that the owner or tourists can come forward actively after seeing it. Besides rest, they can enjoy art.

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3. outdoor side table with umbrella hole material selection

People are used to following the wind when designing, forming a conformity psychology. If others choose wood, I choose vines in other scenic spots.

 In this way, outdoor furniture will lose its uniqueness and uniqueness, and lose its own unique style and charm. A scenic spot must have its own style to attract more tourists.

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A business must have its own style, To attract and multi owners to stay.

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