Modeling of urban outdoor high top table set
TIME:2022-03-03 14:49:10 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

In the design of cube rattan furniture, the shaping of furniture is composed of the shape, texture, color and other elements of the material itself. Through the shaping of these three aspects, outdoor facilities will produce different space feelings.

Form will give the public the most intuitive first feeling, is an important aspect of shaping the theme of outdoor furniture. It can affect people's visual perception through the shape and size of facilities and the proportional relationship with the space environment.

outdoor high top table set

1.outdoor high top table set color

Color is one of the important elements of plastic arts. To understand and study color scientifically, we must involve the fields of physics, physiology and psychology, physiology and psychology and other fields of aesthetics. Therefore, color is a comprehensive subject in multi-disciplinary field.

The feeling of color is very strong, different colors and color combinations will bring different feelings.

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For example, warm red, pure white, quiet blue, dignified black, mysterious purple and plain gray can express different emotions and symbols.

2. Materials of outdoor high top table set

Material shows the transmission of material texture and texture, people can always make a very intuitive perception of material, which is a direct psychological process. In order to better express different themes, designers usually combine the characteristics of materials with design concepts.

Different texture and texture bring people different psychological feelings. In addition, the choice of outdoor furniture materials is inseparable from the specificity of the environment. The environment where outdoor high top table set is mostly placed limits the universality of the use of some materials.

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