Artistic beauty of rattan patio furniture set modeling
TIME:2022-03-03 14:53:32 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

With the development of rattan weaving today, it has changed its face. No matter from material selection, technology, design and production, it is different from rattan products in traditional memory.

 In addition to its practicability, designers pay more attention to its artistry. Today, people are more and more advocating returning to nature and advocating green home.

rattan patio furniture set is more because of its unique natural charm, Rebirth back to the forefront of fashion.

rattan patio furniture set

In addition to its natural and simple materials, the designer has given rattan table and 4 chairs different styles and unique styles integrated with modern home furnishings, which not only retains the natural and rough taste, but also makes people feel the fun and enjoyment of returning to simplicity, and shows the personality beauty of modern fashion.

1. Blue sky and sea in the villa by the sea

In the open-air swimming pool, a group of rattan patio furniture set with straight-line design and artistic sense can be placed. Whether it's the rest after swimming, or simply basking in the sun and tasting wine, you can enjoy the leisurely fun.

E-catalogue 17-13_副本.jpg

2.Rattan weaving can also be elegant

rattan patio furniture set can also be made as mellow and elegant as soft fabric sofa. Black rattan sofa is introverted and steady, but it doesn't lose the soft gloss. The arc-shaped corner design is smooth and doesn't lose the sense of fashion, highlighting the delicate taste of life.

E-catalogue 17-14_副本.jpg

3. This kind of rattan design

It's not only a simple piece of outdoor table chair set, but also a whole leisure place. It's perfectly integrated with the environment, with unique modeling design, integrating functionality and artistry.


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